Monday, June 22, 2009

If I had to see my story as a film and I was the director and the casting director, I would choose from my list of favorites. Joel Sherman could be played by someone like Adam Sandler. He would make it funny. John Cusack would make it interesting. He can do charming and sweet. Or David Duchovny. He can do funny and brooding. Or the guy on "Numbers" could play Joel. He did play a "Joel" in "Northern Exposure". I picture Joel to be a little Gary Cooper with a dash of Woody Allen. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I think of a completely crushed man. Fours years had gone since he lost his family. Wiped out in a split second by a drunk driver. There was nothing to look forward to. There was no longer smiles and laughter. There was nothing, a big cold icy nothing. The pain and sorrow had left him a desolate man. One who no longer felt like dealing with people. They meant well, but if he had to hear, "How are you dealing with your loss?" or "how are you getting along now?" or "If there's anything I can do..."
"There's nothing any one can do for me now, just leave me the fuck alone." He thought as his head felt like exploding. 
You would think my story is some tragedy. It's not.  Joel Sherman found his solace on a mountain in a not so humble 2 million dollar spread. It was tucked inside the San Juan Mountains near Durango Colorado. He spent the summer and fall there by himself until events force him to deal with other people.
This story is romantic comedy. He meets a quirky funny woman who makes him laugh. She is so unlike any one he had ever known. She was also damaged goods. No man was going to melt the icy fortress she had built.